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Winter Camp Kitchen

Moms say: "This is great, this is by far the best planned menu Iíve ever seen for a Scout event."

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Winter Camp Kitchen

The food, menu, and kitchen are a major focus of Winter Camp each year. We pride ourselves on culinary excellence and a homemade aesthetic. The Kitchen is a major consumer of resources, both cash and time, before and after camp.

This page exists to collect thoughts about the kitchen, menu, and process. It serves as a repository of documents related to the planning and execution of the Winter Camp Menu.

Final Reports

XLV KItchen Final Report
This report combines and summarizes the feedback from Winter Camp XLV which pertains to the kitchen.


Kitchen Manual
A book on how to be a cook at Winter Camp and the expectations of the crew. It includes information on how to use forms from the Meals database as well as some basic cooking and measuring advice.
Meals Manual
A treatise on successful meal planning and use of the Winter Camp Meals database.


Kitchen Agenda Jan 20, 2022
Agenda for the meeting to be held on Jan 20.
Kitchen Notes from Winter Camp XLV
Collected feedback from Winter Camp XLV as it relates to the kitchen.