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Winter Camp XLVII Planning

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Winter Camp XLVII Planning

Leadership Team

Youth Leader:Connor J.
Adviser:Steve D.
Activity Leader:Ryan S.
Activity Adviser:Michael B.
Kitchen Leader:Sam B.
Kitchen Adviser:Douglas W.
Marketing Manager:Michael B.
Marketing Adviser:Matt G.
Registration Adviser:Steve D.
Participation Adviser:Ethan R.


XLVII Initial Planning Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the first planing meeting of 2023
XLVII Planning Minutes May 24
Minutes of our second planning meeting of 2023.

Event Documents

Planning Notes

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XLVII!

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On Thursday, 04-Jan-2024 20:04:42 EST, Uncle Ethan said
We've got an online evaluation for camp that can be found here:

Winter Camp XLVII Evaluation

There were no evaluations collected at camp, so this is the best way to have your voice be heard about your experiences.

If you have any trouble with the form, please let me know.

Ethan Rein

On Monday, 25-Dec-2023 12:40:19 EST, Doug said
We have a bunch of dried (medium hot) red peppers, but that's proably not what we are looking for.

Merry Christmas to All

On Monday, 25-Dec-2023 11:46:19 EST, Steve D. said
The Kroger order is placed. Only took 2 hours. Pickup is at 2:00 pm tomorrow in Lapeer. We do have to find 16 red peppers; they had 0 in stock.

On Sunday, 24-Dec-2023 22:52:30 EST, Alan said
Projector checkout complete; have a working projector, speakers and laptop with DVD drive. Will bring a screen too

On Sunday, 24-Dec-2023 15:16:05 EST, Steve D. said
Round 1 of shopping is done. Thanks to Keith, Michaela, Adam, Alan, Mark, Michael, Doug, and Jeff for getting it done.

On Saturday, 23-Dec-2023 00:31:55 EST, Steve D. said
Our current count is 10 youth and 18 adults full-time with 1 youth and 4 adults part-time. Registration ends at about 11:45 tonight.

If you have friends who are still thinking, it's time to act. If you need a campership, it's time to ask me. Camperships are just between you and me.

On Wednesday, 20-Dec-2023 23:26:05 EST, Steve D. said
We're up to 8 youth.

On Wednesday, 20-Dec-2023 22:05:47 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Some comments from me in response to Steve's post:

Detective Challenge
Other than the escape room, I think we talked about two things - setting up a bunch of stuff in one of the yurts, having each group take a look, leave, removing or changing some of that stuff, and having the group come back. Then, they try to identify what was removed or changed.
The other thing was to have the group wait in the room and then have someone come in, do or say something, and leave. Then, the game is to see if the group can correctly recount what that person did or said and describe his or her appearance.
Both of these things could be pretty easily worked out on the fly, but could also benefit from some preparation.

Movie Marathon
If I recall correctly, Alan said he was planning to bring a projector. Not sure about a screen, but those things often go together. I can bring a copy of the 1985 movie Clue. Itís rated PG. If thereís another movie planned, I wonít mind. I can watch Clue whenever I want.

Game Festival
In addition to Steveís games, I can bring checkers sets for a tournament. Iíve also got a 40+ year old Migisi mug for the tournament champion. It's formerly of Mr. Horn's personal collection.

On Wednesday, 20-Dec-2023 15:12:54 EST, Grimble said
Detective Challenge- Escape Room is in final Stages of development/ production.
Brotherhood Ceremony- We do have the Lodge Advisors Blessing for the Ceremony, I have paperwork and sashes covered, I believe Conner/Bristol had the Regalia covered?

On Wednesday, 20-Dec-2023 13:48:00 EST, Steve D. said
Activities may be a little less settled:

Orientation - We have a standard agenda
4-Way Volleyball - Rules are documented, I have a ball.
Time Capsule Opening - Pretty straightforward
Blind Hike - well documented.
Service Project - Not sure yet.
Detective Challenge - I think Matt is doing part of this in the escapre room, where are we on the other two parts?
Movie Marathon - Do we have a projector? What movie?
Cross-Country Golf - We have rules for the 29 hole version
Crime Scene Investigation - Not sure where we're at
Uncle Ethan's Craft Hour - This seems all set.
Kangaroo Court - Is the plan still to develp this at camp?
Game Festival - I can bring a few games.
Cross-Country Ultimate Frisbee - Do we have frisbees?
Make Your Case - This is the end of the mysteries for the week.
Time Capsule Closing - well documented.
Brotherhood Ceremony - not sure this will happen, we may ony have one candidate.
Time Capsule - well documented.
Scout's Own - we have some
Murder Redux - Announcing the results of the Murder Game

On Wednesday, 20-Dec-2023 13:47:34 EST, Steve D. said
Looking at the schedule, I think we're okay on meals. Here are some notes:
Pass the Plate - We plan to pass a serving plate of food.
Disability Awareness Dinner - Mr. Rand has provided a guide.
Bakery Snack - well documented.
Diner Breakfast - well documented.
Electric Chair - well documented.
Mystery Ingredient Meal - we have a menu and a plan.
Donut Shop breakfast - Pretty continental
Inspector Clouseau Meal - we have a menu
One Pot Dinner - It's going to be soup and a roll, Bollmanos will be the catchup.
Bollmano's Pizza - well documented.
Mediterranean Breakfast - Shakshuka and pita
Vegetarian Lunch - well documented.
Buffet Meal - All set
Ice Cream Social - well documented.
Jackpot Grits - well documented.
Conglomerate Lunch - well documented.

On Saturday, 09-Dec-2023 14:30:14 EST, Jeff said
I have prepared details for 29 Hole Golf and the Disabilities Awareness Dinner. Also, the Murder Game database has been updated for WC XLVII.

On Monday, 04-Dec-2023 20:24:36 EST, Uncle Ethan said
My stuff is coming together. I've got Time Capsule ceremonies and song sheets, 32 books and stuff to turn those books into secret boxes, an extra tent and hammocks for outdoor sleeping, a handful of repainted golf balls, and 5 sets of checkers for the tournament. Puzzle placemats are designed and expected to be printed Wednesday. No one indicated I should bring craft paint and brushes when I offered via email, so I'll leave those at home. If need be, I can bring a movie on DVD.

On Sunday, 03-Dec-2023 20:55:22 EST, Steve D. said
Still at 19. How is everyone doing on their assigned tasks?

I still haven't gotten answers on service, but we are down to just Jack Lord and James E. West.

On Thursday, 30-Nov-2023 20:30:06 EST, Steve D. said
We are at 19 total registered, 14 adults and 5 youth.

I think we have nearly all the adults registered, so it's now it's time to tell your friends in the chapter to sign up.

On Monday, 27-Nov-2023 23:49:22 EST, Steve D said
We are up to 13 registered for camp.

On Saturday, 25-Nov-2023 21:55:26 EST, Alan said
and it doesn't respect bcc: anymore. Oh well, I guess you're all getting to: from now on

On Saturday, 25-Nov-2023 21:23:03 EST, Alan said
Test post for the notifier script. If it works, welcome back everyone! The last message I got from the script before it broke was on 2022-11-07. I think I found something that might be a bit more break resistant.

On Friday, 24-Nov-2023 20:45:58 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I called Steve about this after I left the meeting, but I think we ought to have a Scouts Own service after breakfast on Sunday, December 31. I can bring a script for a service, but I would have no problem if someone wants to come up with a different one.

On Friday, 24-Nov-2023 20:45:01 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I am writing to confirm that I'll bring stuff to turn books into secret boxes (books, knives, etc) and 4 sets of checkers to camp this year.

On Tuesday, 21-Nov-2023 22:37:11 EST, Steve D. said
What if we took Ethan's checkers idea and made it a little different. Everyone gets M&M's to play checker's with and if you capture a piece you can add it to your collection or eat it. It could run all weekette with pickup games. At the end of the week, the winner is the one with the most M&Ms. You'd have to both do well at checkers and resist temptation to win.

On Friday, 03-Nov-2023 21:50:18 EDT, Steve D. said
Another thought: maybe we clould have a deduction challenge. There are `a pretty fair number of boardgames that rely on deductive reasoning (Clue and Mastermind for example), plus some lesser known titles.
We could have a "Sherlock Homes Gaming" contest.

On Thursday, 02-Nov-2023 10:50:11 EDT, Steve D. said
I was thinking it might be fun to have a charcuterie board contest. Each team gets the same collection of stuff and tries to arrange it in an aesthetic way.

On Friday, 27-Oct-2023 07:44:17 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I think we should do Arrowman Bingo or some similar get to know each other activity. I think it's been a few years since we've done Bingo, but I could be wrong about that.

On Thursday, 26-Oct-2023 23:48:46 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
if I remember correcly, we didn't have the right equipment for four square last year. I can bring a ball this time around. It's my favorite playground game, so I'd love to play it. I think we could do it in the Hay Pavilion. On that note, is James Hay the only lodge adviser with a building named after or dedicated to him at D-A who did not attend Winter Camp? The others I'm thinking of are Mr. Oatley and Mr. Draper.

On Thursday, 26-Oct-2023 23:47:01 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I've got enough books to make secret boxes as a craft project. I'm pretty sure any youth who were around last time we did that are now adults.

On Thursday, 26-Oct-2023 23:45:49 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
If we didn't pick a movie, I vote for Clue

On Thursday, 12-Oct-2023 21:06:34 EDT, Steve D. said
What about a version of Guess Who where all the character pictures are of famous detectives?

On Tuesday, 25-Apr-2023 23:24:13 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I volunteer to organize a single elimination checkers tournament to take place during free time throughout the weekette at this year's Winter Camp.

On Monday, 30-Jan-2023 19:04:44 EST, Steve D. said
Kristie found the playground ball and it has now appeared on a playground. It is unlikely it will make it to Winter Camp.

On Wednesday, 04-Jan-2023 16:42:36 EST, Steve D. said
I've purchased a playground ball and a volleyball which will be available at Winter Camp this year if they are needed.