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Winter Camp XLVIII Planning

Moms also say: "Wildly underpriced! I'd have gladly paid twice as much to send my boys away for the week."

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Winter Camp XLVIII Planning

Leadership Team

Youth Leader:Ryan S.
Adviser:Steve D.
Activity Leader:Connor J.
Activity Adviser:Matt G.
Kitchen Leader:Sam B.
Kitchen Adviser:Doug W.
Participation Adviser:


XLVII Kitchen Notes
Notes from meal prop at Winter Camp XLVIII
XLVII Evaluation
Notes from the XLVII Post camp meeting.
XLVII Surveys
The raw surveys from 2023 participants.

Planning Notes

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XLVIII!

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Check out what everyone else is saying:

On Saturday, 20-Apr-2024 09:44:55 EDT, Steve said
I’m sure we could rig something up. You have 8 months…

On Saturday, 20-Apr-2024 09:12:19 EDT, Alan said
Too bad Winter Camp doesn't have a 300' dam nearby to drop items off of

On Friday, 19-Apr-2024 21:29:41 EDT, K2 said
My kids came across a YouTube channel called HowRidiculous. It seems like a good source for potential ideas, or modified ideas, for wintercamp. They seem like wintercampers with less restrictions, more resources, and Australian.

On Monday, 04-Mar-2024 22:04:39 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I like the breakfast for dinner idea. On the idea of having more time for difficult stuff - doughnuts could be a snack as well.

On Thursday, 29-Feb-2024 12:48:16 EST, B Mann said
so i had a wild idea and looked up the worlds largest omelette, pancake, donut, and waffle to see if it might be something winter camp could do and none of those looked possible. however, i could not find anything on the worlds largest french toast. and since we make our own bread already, what are the thoughts on a possible guiness world record attempt? i dont know how to go about it but thought that it would be cool.

On Thursday, 29-Feb-2024 11:45:59 EST, Steve D. said
Maybe we should consider a "Breakfast for Dinner" meal this year. It would give us a chance to make some of those crazy time-consuming things like donuts or waffles. without having to get up super-early.

On Saturday, 10-Feb-2024 20:31:02 EST, Steve D. said
I looked at prices for large cauldrons on Amazon and I know why we haven't had one yet :)

On Thursday, 08-Feb-2024 21:26:10 EST, Doug said
How can we have gone 47 years without a cauldron meal? Sound like fun.

On Thursday, 08-Feb-2024 18:52:22 EST, Brian Mann said
I do have access to a 50 gallon aluminum pot if needed.

On Thursday, 08-Feb-2024 18:26:43 EST, Steve D. said
I think if we do Halloween we need to prepare a meal in a big cauldron.

On Tuesday, 30-Jan-2024 21:10:21 EST, Doug said
I like it. It can combine both Christmas and Halloween. Could even extend to the various pre-camp tensions with friends and family members/situations of preparing and going to camp. Have been told it is fairly common.

On Monday, 29-Jan-2024 22:50:31 EST, K2 said
Nightmare before wintercamp?

On Friday, 26-Jan-2024 11:51:30 EST, Steve D. said
I heard two new theme ideas at the chapter meeting last night. Both were holiday related. One was to have Christmas theme and the other was Halloween.

On Tuesday, 23-Jan-2024 23:13:32 EST, Steve D. said
Even if you didn't fill out an evaluation, you could still suggest new activities, meals, or themes either in the planning section or right here.

On Tuesday, 23-Jan-2024 23:10:43 EST, Steve D. said
There are a few things I didn't add that were suggested.

These were already on the list.
Meals: Doughnuts, Grilled Cheese and Soup
Themes: Pirates
Activities: Blind Tag, Euchre tournament

These are banned either by Scouting or tradition
Meals: Hamburgers
Activities: Trebuchet Building (I think building one might technically be allowed, but we couldn't fire it so much of the fun would be lost).

On Tuesday, 23-Jan-2024 23:07:28 EST, Steve D. said
I went through the evaluation and added some new items based on the suggestions there. This should put them on the live list for next year.

Activities added:
Balloon Bowling - launch a balloon at a stack of cups
Lodge/Chapter Game Retheme - like Mishigami Risk
Goal Ball - sort of a blind variation of soccer.

Themes added:
Fifties Suburbia - based on tv shows. Players could score Fonz points for being cool or doing well.
MMO Game - basically score points for completing quests. There would be team and individual quests.
South of the Border - all things Mexico and south.

On Tuesday, 16-Jan-2024 15:55:35 EST, Steve D. said
The next Migisi Opawgan chapter meeting is January 25 at 6:30 pm at First United Methodist Church in Dearborn. The plan is for an EPIC movie night.


On Saturday, 06-Jan-2024 21:07:26 EST, Steve D. said
Bristol and I talked a little about my quest idea.

What if each team had a quest for the week, plus some side quests? As a member of the team, your goal is for your team to win, but there's also a first among equals element where you can complete side quests to have the most points on your team.

I think we could take the social credit system and modify it to keep score for this event. I also think we could do different themes by changing the quests and their names. If they're missions it could be modern or future oriented. The could be called journeys, travels, deeds, whatever we like to fit the theme.

On Saturday, 06-Jan-2024 10:37:18 EST, Doug said
Sounds a bit like Alan's Geocach boxes. I bet they could be modified to do that.

On Friday, 05-Jan-2024 12:22:37 EST, Steve D. said
I think it would be fun to have an activity where teams collect parts to build a key to a puzzle they're given at the start of the week. A physical box and a series of pieces that have to be collected to open the box. The pieces could work by a combination of magnets and maybe some press to fit.

I think it would be easiest as a fantasy thing, but you could also do it as kind of a sci-fi wher4e you're trying to open the box to get some great treasure or unlock some secret of the world.

On Thursday, 04-Jan-2024 20:08:07 EST, Uncle Ethan said
We've got an online evaluation for camp that can be found here:

Winter Camp Evaluation

There were no evaluations collected at camp, so this is the best way to have your voice be heard about your experiences.

If you have any trouble with the form, please let me know.

Ethan Rein

On Wednesday, 03-Jan-2024 16:16:24 EST, Steve D said
I have some lost and found. If you’re missing some gear, drop me a note.

On Sunday, 31-Dec-2023 21:21:01 EST, Alan said
Happy new year to those of you celebrating from within the WCST timezone!